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At Candid, our work-ethics are dominated by two guidelines:

  1. Employees are most important.
  2. Clients are even more important.

These are Candid's two major guidelines and everything else falls secondary. For us, employee satisfaction is not a different factor, but a part of employment itself. We fail to understand how can work possibly be productive if employees are not motivated and healthy. We understand, it is necessary to allow each employee the breathing space he/she needs in order to obtain maximum productivity from them.

The effort is to create an office-environment which simultaneously fosters a level of discipline as well as creative space. Lets us make a step-by-step check of the benefits offered at Candid.

  1. Employee Awards: At Candid, we believe in giving performance rewards for finishing all the work-goals within deadlines. 'Employee of the month' and 'Employee of the year' awards are given to employees on the basis of many factors, such as punctuality, work-quality and work-commitment. These are meant to foster a healthy degree of competition and also motivate the hard-working employees.
  2. Annual health checkups and Insurance: Snacking is indeed great fun while working on technical projects, but then it should be essentially limited to a level that doesn't have any ill-effects on your health. We understand and believe in the saying 'health is wealth' and in order to ensure a healthy and active bunch of employees, we provide free annual medical health checkups as well as medical and accidental insurance facilities.
  3. Regular Celebrations: How can we even think of otherwise in India, the multicultural land of festivals. Celebrations are an integral part of the work-culture at Candid. Be it New Year, Christmas, Holi, Diwali, Id or Lohri, at Candid we celebrate them all with great enthusiasm and zeal. And how can we forget birthdays and anniversaries of employees? Newbies or long-timers, everybody's birthday and anniversary is celebrated with same amount of joy and excitement.
  4. Too much work can make our techies and developers loose their sense of creativity and that'll be pretty much catastrophic for us. Therefore, we have activity sessions on our working Saturdays. These sessions are totally based on employee suggestions and generally include the likes of dumb charades, housie, movie shows, team picnics and relaxation sessions.