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HR Policies @ Candid

At Candid, we ensure that the HR Policy fosters maximum job satisfaction and job security. The objective is to ensure a positive work environment that inculcates a healthy management-employee relationship. Candid's Open Door H.R Policy is meant exactly for this purpose.

Candid's Recruitment and Selection Policy

Candid is an Equal Opportunity Employer and believes in giving every individual an equal opportunity to be a part of our team irrespective of issues, such as Caste, Creed, Religion, Sex and Nationality.

Our recruitment policy is based on the following factors:

  1. Individual Qualifications- Qualifications required depends totally on the job profile you would be applying for. However, in most cases you are required to be at least a graduate.
  2. Work Experience- Again depends on your specified area.
  3. Personal attributes- At Candid, we emphasize on the individual characteristic strengths.
  4. Skills- Your attributes that you consider are your key skills
  5. Adaptability- Candid fosters team work in its working environment. Hence, the ability to adapt with a team is something that we pay particular attention to.
  6. A Go-Getter Attitude- Candid gives a lot of importance to qualities, such as confidence and dynamism.

Candid's Selection Procedure includes the following:

  1. Psychometric tests
  2. Technical Tests
  3. Interviews

Candid's Compensation Policy

Candid's policy is to foster performance and competency. Therefore, we follow an ideal compensation policy in order to ensure the same. Our compensation policy comprises of adequate performance related incentives and pay. Our pay is in accordance with industry standards.

Candid's Performance Management Policy:

Candid's primary motive is to be objective and result oriented and or performance management policies are in accordance with that. Candid ensures a fair, transparent and balanced performance management, which in turn promotes employee motivation and a healthy level of competition.

Candid follows a 360 Degree Appraisals program and in accordance with it, employees are encouraged to practice self appraisal, freely discuss their performance, voice their opinions and when need arises, to suggest remedial actions.

The performance of every employee is reviewed against a given set of parameters by the project leaders, the human resource team and the management. The idea is to strike a perfect balance between performance, pay and development.


Candid's two-step Performance Management cycle:

  1. Identifying business goals and then segregating them to departmental and individual goals through our highly structured process.
  2. Assessment and evaluation of the competency of an individual on the basis of the parameters specified for the position.

Employee Retention Policy @ Candid

Candid puts a great value on the growth of it's employees and wants them to grow along with the organization. This we manage by paying attention to the concerns and ideas of the employees, enhancing the internal career opportunities, supporting work-life balance and creating a lively and interesting working environment.

Candid fulfills the objectives and needs of all the employees in the following aspects:

  1. Job /Economic Security
  2. Fair Wages
  3. Opportunity for Advancement and Self-Improvement
  4. Individual Job Satisfaction
  5. Participation and Involvement in Management

Candid understands the consequences of a high staff turnover. A high staff turnover has repercussions not only in the form of direct financial costs that are incurred while replacing the existing staff, but also indirect implication, such as potential loss of key skills, knowledge and experience and negative effect on the morale of the workforce. Moreover, a high turnover rate places a high amount of burden on the HR managers as well as the line managers, since they are constantly involved in the processes of recruiting and training. Hence, Candid ensures a high degree of employee motivation in order to prevent the same. We practice this by:

  1. Resolving any kind of problems that are associated with a high attrition rate by investigating and getting to the root of the problem. Taking remedial actions once the problem is identified.
  2. Placing the benchmark against similar organizations and controlling the attrition rate after taking into account the real costs of turnover to the company.

Candid's overall aim is to create a great place to work where everybody gets adequate creative space and works to the best of his/her level. Our philosophy is that of participation and involvement.

So give your career the necessary boost with a job at Candid, a place that features ideal work environment and compensation that matches that of industry standards. If you happen to be a dynamic, energetic and skilled individual who is brimming with a go-getter attitude then Candid is the right place for you.

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