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Life @ Candid:

At Candid we believe in being passionate about our work. If one is passionate about his/her work, then no obstacle can be strong enough to prevent him/her from meeting the targets.

But then again, distraction is a cliché term and we believe that it has got nothing to do with light chitter-chatter and friendly quips. In fact, these often act as requisite ingredients of the work-process and can considerably shorten long hours.

Our motto is that 'Work is not the only Slice of the pizza called Life, but it sure is the biggest one'.

Setting New Standards as We March Along

Our SEO executives are daily trying to decode and comprehend new algorithm updates as and when they come in the ever-evolving world of Search Engine Optimization.

We content writers are trying our level best to attain mastership in persuasive and effective copy-writing as well as learn the tricks of Latent Semantic Indexing.

And our developers are implementing new intricate methodologies, which are simply beyond the comprehension of us content writers.

At Candid, we believe it's a negative outlook to compare your work with others. Instead, we try to outdo our own past performance. This way we ensure constant improvement no matter how far behind we leave our competitors.

Some Bothering Distractions

If you happen to be one of those for whom work is a passion, then you will definitely love it here. But let us warn you of few distractions in advance.

WorldSpace Radio plays at every nook and corner of our office and barring one fussy content writer (who is incidentally sitting right next to me and passing glaring looks), it keeps everyone in good spirits. The music ranges from alternative rock to soft jazz and sometimes on popular demand even lively bollywood music is played.

And let's not even get started about the famous (in here, it it the favorite hang-out place for all newbies) Café F5. The café supplies munchies, drinks, chips, pancakes and biscuits among other things. So don't get too bothered by those crunching sounds made by your partner as he eats his favorite Lays.

Second Saturdays are off here and the other ones are full of fun activities, such as Dumb Charades, passing the pen and even Carom. The working Saturdays are looked forward to as they give an opportunity to wrap up the entire week's work before enjoying the weekends.

Summing it up

All work and no play surely made Jack a dumb boy, but too much fun and no work didn't exactly enhance his career prospects. We, at candid, understand the need to get a unique combination of work and fun. It is only with this perfect combination that we will be able to keep our clients pleased and for us, that is the primary objective. So instead of catching up with the fast moving world of web, we believe in staying ahead and let others do the catching up.

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