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Web Development Company


Candid is a reputed web development company in India, that delivers e-business solutions, irrespective of their complexities, to clients from all over the world. We are known for providing cost effective web application development solutions. Starting from a small office in New Delhi in the year 1999, Candid has established major centers in Delhi, Noida and Chicago. Our two operation offices in India, located in New Delhi and Noida, and our sales office, located in Chicago, feature a total of 500+ daily work hours capability.

What Candid Does

Candid delivers a wide range of comprehensive web development services. From designing custom websites to web application development, Candid has ample experience and expertise in delivering client requirements. At Candid, we couple a high degree of business domain knowledge with technical competence and established methodologies.

Candid's Strengths and Highlights:

-We are a One-stop Internet Solutions Provider
Be it designing appealing Websites, developing complex multi-tier Internet system or custom programming using the latest technologies present in the industry, Candid possesses the required experience and expertise to do it all.

-Our Wholesome Development Services

Candid supports a wholesome development process that includes the following:

Requirements definition and specification
Architecture design
Testing and Validation
Product Maintenance and Support

-Our Experience and Expertise

Candid has over eight years of experience in providing offshore e-business solutions and over this period, we have completed hundreds of projects from different industries.

-Talented Pool of IT Professionals

At Candid, we have a team of talented IT Professionals, who possess diverse technology skills and domain expertise. Our pool of experts includes business analysts, software architects, project managers, web & graphic designers, software developers and quality assurance & testing specialists.

-Our attitudes towards our Clients

Candid's inherent aim is to deliver maximum value to our clients and helping them to succeed in the ever-evolving and challenging business world. For Candid, our client's success is equivalent to our success and that's the benchmark we create for ourselves.

Some of our key business principles are stated as follows:
Understanding and Delivering on the Needs of the clients

At Candid, we ensure that we pay careful attention to each particular customer case. We believe that every client's requirements are different and when their requirements are different then how is it possible to have the same solution to any two client. We believe that understanding the needs of clients is as important as the development process itself. In order to provide our clients with a dependable solution, it is imperative that we make them aware of the possible options and supply them with competent advice.

Partnering with our Clients

At Candid, we want to develop long term relationships with our clients. The objective is to develop a partner relationship with our clients. With this in mind, our web application development company delivers custom website applications, according to what you have in mind for your business. We know that satisfied clients make for long-term relationships.

Moreover, we believe in not just providing you with professional web development and web design services, but becoming your permanent IT vendor, who can assist you to take your business to the top.

At Candid, we believe in passion. It's only passion that can make us achieve our goal of getting our clients to their goals. We value our clients and willing to go even beyond that extra mile for your success.

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