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Custom Web Based Application Solutions

In today's globalized world, there are many challenges that each and every business faces. Ever evolving factors, such as increasing competition and changing market scenario make it imperative for a business to stay alert in order to perform effectively.

Candid is a web application development company which aims to help a business meet these demands. We, at Candid, aim to provide you with comprehensive web application development services so that web development is no longer a bottleneck for your business. Our custom website application development will facilitate your returns on technological investments and ensure that you capitalize on each and every sales opportunity. Our expertise in web application development ensures that you obtain your targets with regard to cost efficiencies, revenue stream generation and free flowing communication with your clients, partners, suppliers and employees.

Candid provides custom web applications in the following domains:


Candid's B2B applications can greatly assist manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers by enabling them to promptly convey business specific information to employees and business partners. Candid's offshore web site development services ensure that you are able to maintain a single source of customer information so that it becomes substantially easier for you to sell, market and service all your customers.

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Content Management

CMS is an online content management system that can help you to easily accessorize and manage your webs ite content. Candid's CM solutions will enable you to add unlimited content and make changes to a website through the CMS admin control panel. Our talented and experienced team of php, asp.net and open source developers can provide you with a strong yet simple CMS.

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Candid's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are meant to facilitate a company in handling its contacts with its valuable customers. From storing information on current/prospective customers to interpreting the resulting derivations from them, our holistic CRM solutions will ensure all. All this to help your enterprise reap the benefits of your information system.

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E-commerce Solution

Be it e-commerce websites, e-commerce shopping cart, e-commerce store-front or customized e-commerce websites, Candid has a tremendous expertise in providing all kinds of e-commerce solutions. We believe that it is essentially important to integrate the functionalities of effective communication, simplified data management and extensive security in order to provide customized e-commerce solutions. Candid has an expertise in the field of Web Application Development especially for e-business.

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Candid believes in coupling technological competence with business domain knowledge and expertise in order to provide you with application development solutions that meet your business needs and requirements. We believe in partnering with our clients and taking them to the top. Provide your e-commerce venture with the success it deserves with our application development solutions.

PHP Application Development

PHP website application development is an important part of custom Web application design. Effective deployment of PHP web application necessitates knowledge of programming using PHP and MySQL. We have an extensive exposure in the field of PHP Development, which enables us to help you with all your needs.

Maintaining a presence on the internet is vital for a business today. Candid is an offshore web development company which aids the business by freeing it from the task of web based application development. We are dedicated to the field of web application development and strive to provide quality web development to you with comprehensive Web site applications.

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