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Joomal Development India

Joomla Web Development & Customization Solutions

The software Joomla is an award-winning free-of-cost open source Content Management System that is used in creating Websites and online applications. It is one of the most popular Website software. This is partly because of its extensibility and partly due to its high number of functionalities. Through joomla, one can create:

  1. Corporate Web sites or portals.
  2. Online magazines, newspapers, and publications.
  3. E-commerce and online reservations.
  4. Small business Web sites.
  5. Community-based portals.

Why Candid prescribes Joomla?

Joomla has a number of advantages over other software. Using the flexible, simple, elegant and powerful properties of the software, one can easily manage each and every aspect of the website. It provides a systematic option to handle all your Content Management issues, such as supplementing contents or pictures and updating a product catalog. Candid uses latest 1.5version of this open source CMS. We have years of experience in Joomla development in India. Our Joomla Developers use the CMS to design basic as well as complex corporate solutions and applications.

Why CandidInfo?

We, at Candid have provided a number of Joomla customization solutions with the CMS. Our team of Joomla developers have successfully used the CMS to meet all types of client requirements. At Candid, we provide a number of Joomla services, such as

Standard Package :

Provide Custom Joomla website Templates that :

  1. Are XHTML and CSS 2.0 compliant.
  2. Have an easy way to add, edit and delete pages.
  3. Gives an option of up to 10 static pages.
  4. Have sections to add your updates or news.
  5. Provides Web links directory.

Shopping Cart:

Our Joomla customization services are geared to meet all your requirements for an e-commerce shopping website. Candid's Joomla services include :

  1. Templatization of Joomla Custom Designs
  2. Integration with Joomla's Online Shopping Component, Virtual Mart
  1. Configuration with Virtual Mart
  2. Creating Custom Products and Category Pages
  3. Integration of Payment Gateway
  4. Shipping calculated by price and number of items

Real Estate Package :

To provide a property website with the latest version of the content management system, that will have the following features:

  1. Customized Joomla web Design Templates.
  2. Enable easy and proper management.
  3. Provide property management through add, delete and edit properties.
  4. Unlimited Photos and Custom Fields.

With an ability to plan and design websites from the ground, we are reputed for Joomla development services.

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