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Engagement Models

Engagement Models

For your extreme flexibility, Candid offers different pricing models. The exclusive purpose of providing these different models is to ensure that you get to choose the perfect arrangement for yourself. You may choose any of the following modes as per your needs and requirements:

Fixed Time or Fixed Price Business Model

If the scope, specifications and guidelines of your project are relatively clear, then Candid suggests you to take this pricing model. In accordance with this model, Candid will work on your projects as per the fixed deliverables and time-limits on a mutually fixed price. Our experienced and talented team assures you of reliable and assured performance on your projects that will meet your time and budget deadlines.

Time and Material Business Model

If your project would need constant changes in specification as per the market trends, then this would be the perfect pricing model for you. The time and material business model would be suited for complex project which are likely to have frequent design, guideline and specification changes. Payment is on the basis of a mutually fixed hourly rate. The client also has the flexibility to make changes to the team size on the basis of cost and duration factors of the project.

Milestone Billing Business Model

If you have a long-lasting project that involves measurable phases, then the milestone billing business model is perfect for you. The payment schedules are on the basis of time or milestone basis. This model can substantially reduce the large project risks and reinforce the criterion of progress monitoring.

Dedicated Offshoring Team Business Model

This pricing model is based on the concept of dedicated offshore team. You can form your own dedicated offshore team on the basis of your project requirements. This DOT (dedicated offshoring team) can work as a separate extension of your business or get incorporated in your projects, as you desire. You can easily switch on/off additional members in your team as per your requirements. Pricing is per member of the team.

At Candid, we realize that flexibility is everything when it comes to meet your clients requirements. Hence, keeping this in mind we have designed the following models to enable an extreme degree of flexibility. Chose the most suited model for your business venture and ensure for your venture, the cutting edge it deserves.

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