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Candid QA - Website Testing Services

When you create or develop a website, throughout the development process QA or Quality Assurance is paramount. These formal quality testings are carried out to ensure that the website (commercial or otherwise) is error-free, user-friendly, accessible, compliant to all the quality standards, in India as well as globally. Candid possesses extensive experience in CMS and e commerce website development. Candid's tester pays special attention and prioritize quality assurance as the foremost factor in website development. When you outsource testing services to us, here's what we do-

What we do for Website Testing

  1. Systematic testing of individual pages.
  2. Track bugs and confirm fixes.
  3. Employ Regression test, that primarily focuses on bug fixing procedures.
  4. Web site testing on multiple browsers and platforms.
  5. Test page optimization with every update.
  6. Page Viewing on a variety of displays.
  7. Testing pages with different screen resolutions and with various color settings.
  8. Check for adequate color contrast.
  9. Link testing, including navigation.
  10. Test the search feature.
  11. Thorough testing of security of restricted areas.
  12. Ensure that interface elements are operable with multiple input devices.
  13. View pages without images.
  14. Testing of pages without advanced technologies, such as Javascript.

Shopping Cart Tests

  1. Functional testing of each and every step of the development.
  2. User interface evaluation (front-end).
  3. Process flow evaluation, along with common & known customer concerns.
  4. Check for Usability standard elements inclusion.
  5. After sale service.
  6. Metric scores testing.
  7. Coupon codes testing.
  8. Shipping address and methods verification.
  9. Testing payment steps.
  10. Post-Sale Email verification.

CMS Testing

  1. Manage registration. That includes our emphasis on user self-registration and administrator moderation
  2. Header modification. This includes changing the header text across the site. We also change the header image and move it to the other side of the page.
  3. Text Style modification. The font of the text on the website is changed by our tester.
  4. In-site links. Creating pages within the website and then linking them.
  5. If the second page of a website isn't automatically connected to the navigation, then we undertake the task manually, thus customizing the menus.
  6. Restricted access users. You can block restricted access users from gaining access to restricted areas of your website by blocking their IP addresses.
  7. Add an event and set the release time for the announcement to today, but some time in the future (e.g. 2 hour's time); check it doesn't display in the events area.

We employ the very best in the field of quality assurance in India, every one of our testers possesses extensive experience in quality assurance. When we test, you can be rest assured that quality is paramount to us, because, Quality is what drives us and makes us the 'Best'.

Click here to request a free quote for outsourcing testing services to or get in touch with one of our expert Sales Personnel at 1-800-717-3943.


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