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Customer Relationship Management

The term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used for all the processes and procedures that a company implements in order to handle its contacts with its valuable customers. This mainly involves storing information on current/prospective customers and interpreting the resulting derivations. Candid understands that a successful customer management strategy should not be limited to just a software-based approach, but it ought to require a holistic approach, which can make you reap the full benefit of your information systems. Thus Candid provides a range of CRM application development solutions as part of its offshore web development services.


Candid recognizes the challenges and opportunities in your online venture and understands how crucial a customer management strategy can be for your different departments, such as sales, marketing, customer service, training, professional development, performance management, human resource development and compensation. As a website development company India, we ensure that you get a complete and sound customer management system. Our team of experienced and enterprising consultants has had a significant amount of exposure to different aspects of creating an efficient and effective customer management system. The different aspects of our CRM services are:

  • Definition of CRM Strategy and Requirements for your venture
  • Business Processes Modeling & Streamlining
  • Designing your ventures Technical Architecture
  • GUI Design and Usability Modeling
  • Selection of 3rd Party Software and Integrating it as per your needs
  • Customization/ Change Management
  • Implementation of customer management system/ Testing/ Deployment
  • Legacy Applications Integration and Web-Enabling
  • Data Migration

With years of experience in web development India, we are able to provide interactive applications, to ensure customer retention. You can rely on Candid for cost-effective web based application development.

CRM Components

At Candid, our attempt is to deliver customized CRM solutions as per client's requirements and business specifications. Our customer management services will help you to enhance your existing information sharing and sales system and find the appropriate customer relationship management solution. The main aim is to provide you with the most up-to-date technologies in order to build highly effective channels for obtaining and conveying important information to your customers, suppliers and employees. Our team will ensure that you select the right components for customer management system, that would be relevant and important for your business. Components, such as:

  • Lead Qualification & Tracking
  • Contacts and Accounts Management
  • Campaigns Scheduling and Tracking
  • Team Management and Tasks Distribution
  • Document Circulation Management

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