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Candid & Intranet Portal Development

Intranets are private computer networks, used by organizations to securely share information or operational systems with their employees. Be it HR documents, company reports, memos, research papers, company news or client information, with Candid's Intranet portal solutions, data can be securely exchanged within the company.

Candid & Extranet Portal Development

Extranets are private networks that are used by organizations to securely share information with their suppliers, partners, vendors, customers and other businesses. It is generally perceived as an extension of the company's intranet. Candid's Extranet portal solutions can facilitate services such as publishing catalogs, taking online orders and processing secure transactions.

Candid's Intranet & Extranet Portal Solutions:

Candid provides user-friendly and low-cost Intranet and Extranet portal solutions. We provide added enhancements to the traditional Intranet and Extranet portal solutions. Some aspects of our Intranet & Extranet Portal Solutions are:

  1. Candid provides integrated Intranet and Extranet. Our Intranet and Extranet functionalities are integrated into a comprehensive product suite as per the client's requirements.
  2. Candid offers unlimited Intranet and Extranet Portals. Clients have the option to create an unlimited number of portals within their Intranet or Extranet. This is particularly beneficial for handling departments, remote offices, customers, and distributed workforces all at the same time.
  3. Our Intranet and Extranet portal solutions are completely Web-based. This is to avoid complexities, such as installation, configuring and maintenance. All you will have to do is simply collaborate with an Internet connection. No requirement of Servers or VPNs.
  4. Absolute Security. Our secure, offsite data center ensures an absolute security for you Intranet & Extranet portal solutions.

At Candid, we understand that whereas Intranet and Extranet portal solutions have some similar functions, such as acting as a central repository and collaboration tool, there are also certain underlying differences involving web accessibility and the technical structure. Candid keeps all this and more into account, while delivering Intranet & Extranet portal solutions to the full satisfaction of its clients.

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