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Portal Development & Social Networking Site Development Services

Portals are regarded as gateways into the world of Internet for the simple reason that they have the capability to put information in front of millions in a matter of few seconds. You can use Internet Portals to market your company, products and services to the whole world and with the help of Candid's Community Portal Services, you can compete on equal terms with companies that have ten times more infrastructure and Capital.

Candid's web portal development solutionsare for all corporations, irrespective of their size and stature. We have developed community and social networking portals for clients across the globe. Therefore, we understand that the primary objective ofcommunity portals is to convert online relationships into e-Commerce opportunities. Our various portal development solutions on the basis of you needs and requirements are:

  1. Job Portal
  2. Entertainment Portals
  3. B2B (Business to Business) Portal
  4. B2C (Business to Client) Portal
  5. Shopping Cart Portals
  6. Enterprise Portals
  7. Corporate Intranet Portals
  8. Online Travel Portals
  9. E-commerce Portals
  10. Public Web Portals
  11. Knowledge Portals

Our outsource company understands that any corporation's objective behind developing community portals is to establish and enhance interaction with customers as well as create awareness for company brands. Be it broad-based, horizontal or vertical portals, Candid will design your community portal on the basis of your needs and provide you with customized portal development solutions that'll give your e-commerce venture the cutting edge it deserves. Our understanding of client requirements makes us the preferred firm for portal maintenance and portal development India.

Click here to request a free quote for developing portals/social networking sites or call at 1-800-717-3943.


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