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Candid's Travel Portal Solutions

Candid provides effective, powerful and comprehensive website solutions that are ideal for the travel industry. Our different holiday website applications and travel portal software are ideal for the growing needs of traveling companies, resorts, travel agencies, travel advisers and tour operators.

In today's globalized world, it is imperative that you enable your travel business to reach out to a wider audience through an Internet presence. Candid's feature-rich travel portal software and holiday website applications are meant to ensure the same. Our solutions will enable your growing business to generate greater returns on investment and higher business volumes.

Some Specifics of our Website Solutions for the Travel Industry:

Search features in order to enable your users to search for holiday locations based on their interests, specifications and budget. The user can choose as per his/her interests. Be it picturesque locales in Europe or locations of historical significance in China.

Availability of Online booking system in order to make life easier for all travelers by allowing them to enjoy a well planned holiday. This by providing them online options to make flight & rail reservations and hotel bookings. The overall objective is to build customer satisfaction and add value to your travel business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules within your travel applications in order to enable real time interaction with customers through e-mail or chat. This can substantially help you to instantly resolve any issues of travelers.

Content Management Systems (CMS) that feature easy-to-use website editing tools that would make maintenance much easier for your staff. Candid's CMS will ensure that you can easily update your travel portal or website as per your requirements.

Online availability updates option that allows the visitors of the website/portal to keep a check on the status of availability in the different holiday locations.

Online payment system for holiday accommodations wherein receipts are generated and automatically mailed to the customers.

With Candid's travel portal solutions you can increase the global presence of your travel business. Our designers and developers use applications, such as Drupal, Joomla, ASP.NET and PHP, to deliver functionality-rich and user-friendly websites. Provide your travel business with the competitive edge it deserves with Candid's travel industry specific solutions.

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