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Real Estate Portals

Real Estate Portals are an ideal platform where real estate seekers can get details of the homes being offered by the real estate development companies. The Internet has become an active front for all real estate methodologies since it prevents fraud and fosters security of information. Hence, an extremely accessible and feature-wise rich real estate portal from Candid can escalate your real estate venture to new heights.

Candid & Portal Solutions

Candid can provide all kinds of portal solutions that include real estate website development and real estate maintenance. With the help of Candid's real estate portal solutions your business will be accessible to a large number of people through the Internet. Be it realtor website development, designing real estate agents sites, broker sites, property listing sites, holiday rentals, property buy and sell or ad space selling sites, Candid's real estate web site/portal solutions will ensure that your e-commerce venture gets all the facilities as per your requirements. Some specifications of Candid's portal solutions:

Website Moderator's Console
  1. Ability to manage Users/Estate Owners/Vendors
  2. Ability to manage Regions/Country/City Information
  3. Regulate Images/Audio's/Videos
  4. Maintenance of Site News/FAQ's
  5. Regulate Subscription Payments
  6. Control over Leads from visitors and forwarding it to Owners/Buyers
Real Estate Owners/Property Sellers Console
  1. Creation of Personal Account (Includes Profile/Settings/Subscriptions)
  2. Ease in making payments towards property postings
  3. Easy addition of Property
  4. Advertising Your Property (*Moderated by the Webmaster)
  5. Receiving Leads and Inquiries through the Owner of the Website
Real Estate / Property Buyers Console
  1. Establishing Property Search Module (The criteria could be user dependent, such as By Destination, Price, Number of Bedrooms, Sq Feet Area etc.)
  2. Enabling the option of Viewing Property (Description/Pictures/Videos etc)
  3. Submitting Interest Requests to the Property Owner/Vendor

This is the brief outlay of the dynamics of a standard real estate portal solution provided by Candid. However, Candid assures you that its portal solutions will be perfectly in sync with your needs and requirements. As per your needs, we can switch on/off additional features for your portal.

Candid has years of experience in real estate web site designing, which places it ahead of other real estate website design companies. Ensure your real estate venture with the cutting edge it deserves with the help of Candid's real estate web site and portal solutions.

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