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Web Application Development

With the expansion of the World Wide Web people expect much more from the website than just a company's information presentation. Candid can reinforce your online business by means of various tools making it more useful for your clients. Our customized web based application development enables you to interact better with your clients and stay ahead of your competition.

Our advanced web programming is aiming at executing dynamic applications that would meet the growing business needs on the web. Our technical capabilities as a web development company, allow us to deliver development of every complexity: from simple scripts to complex applications taking advantage of multiple languages, databases and advanced programming. Our custom Solution are specially tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

Application Development

Custom web-based application development tailored to the client's specific business requirements. We deliver rich internet applications combining our solid cross-domain experience, technological expertise and an established development methodology.Through our web development outsourcing service, we aim to provide comprehensive solutions.

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Web Designing & Development

Candid offers professional website design and development services. We have a large pool of resources and possess the requisite business and technical expertise to develop complex websites. Our website designers and developers have worked on projects ranging object-oriented brochure sites to multi-functional website portals. Some major aspects of our website development and designing process:

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Portal Solution

Information technology is changing every single day and this change is most evident in the world of Internet. This brings out new opportunities to obtain critical advantages in each and every form, such as streamlining operations, improving inter-business interactions and optimizing costs. 'Portals' feature this ease in 'anytime & anywhere' accessibility.

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Open Source

E-business, in today's age have stepped up considerably to excel in the application of Open Source software. The open source application come as premium software Solution, which save immense amount of time and make possible an impeccably easy and cost-effective start for a business. Open source software, however, are not accompanied by quality assurance.

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Offshore Staffing

We offer you our Offshore Staffing service, which is much more cost effective and is tailor made to meet every client's specific requirements. Our dedicated and professional offshore team of qualified and experienced individuals has appropriate techniques and infrastructure, rendering Business Process Outsourcing services to clients across the globe.

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QA & Testing

When you create or develop a website, throughout the development process QA or Quality Assurance is paramount. These formal quality testings are carried out to ensure that the website (commercial or otherwise) is error-free, user-friendly, accessible, compliant to all the quality standards. Candid possesses extensive experience in CMS and e commerce website development. We pay special attention and prioritize quality assurance as the foremost factor while we develop a website.

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Industry Specific Solutions

Candid's vertical Solution are specifically meant to meet the needs of a specific industry. In our industry specific solution we can also provide professional-looking website that would feature industry news, articles and discussion forums. Whether you provide B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Clients) services, our industry specific Solution would provide you with value by lowering your transaction cost and increasing the efficiency in the procurement process.

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Technical Expertise

With the expansion of the World Wide Web people expect much more from the website than just a company's information presentation. Candid can reinforce your online business by means of various tools making it more interactive and useful for your clients. Moreover, our web application development process is planned and systemized to ensure best results.

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