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Social Networking Portal Development

The concept of Social Networking is largely changing the world's outlook toward Information Technology. Social Networking Portals are not only the most crucial platform to enable people to get together and form online communities, but also an excellent opportunity to form business networks. Candid can provide diverse features, such as chat, messaging, email, video chat, voice chat, photo sharing, file sharing, blogs, discussion groups, common interests, affiliations and forums to your Networking web portal to ensure its success as an e-commerce venture.

Candid & Social Networking Portal Solutions

Candid understands that the networking concept has now become an extremely successful business model that is capable of delivering rich dividends. We give thorough attention to all the aspects of social network development. Be it visualization, designing or implementation of robust frameworks, our development team ensures adequate and equal importance to all these diverse aspects in order to ensure the smooth and profitable functioning of your social networking portals.

Some extensive features of our Social Networking solutions:

  1. Extensive Social Networking website development
  2. Audio Video sharing & uploading
  3. Internal messaging
  4. Invitations
  5. Photo & Video Galleries
  6. Blogs & Forums
  7. Member Friends Network
  8. Live Chat
  9. Shopping Carts
  10. RSS Feeds

Candid has expertise in implementing Networking functionalities in a number of Social Networking Sites using ASP.NET development, PHP development, Joomla Development and Drupal Development. You can count on our social networking experts, to provide your networking venture with the cutting edge it deserves.

Click here to request a free quote for our social networking services or get in touch with one of our expert Sales Personnels at 1-800-717-3943, We are also available for community portal development.


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