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Drupal Development India

Drupal Portal Development

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management system under the GPL ('GNU General Public License'). The software has a huge range of features and facilities that make the difficult task of making websites and portals a lot easier than you can imagine. It not only makes the task of online management of websites far simpler, but also enhances the productivity of results.

The software can be used for different kinds of websites, directories, and portals. Its handy and easy to use features make it one of the most approved software in the online industry.

Why does Candid accredit this Content Management System?

It has been a slow and a painstaking process, but over the years, Candid India, has successfully established an unparalleled expertise in Drupal CMS web development. Our company has years of experience in Drupal web development. Our skilled and ambitious team gives each Drupal development project the importance it deserves. The development team is fully equipped to perform anything under the sun, that's related to Drupal. Our expertise lies in providing the following outsourcing Drupal services to our esteemed clients:

  • Customizing templates as per client requirements and specifications.
  • Integrating Design.
  • Developing and installing Modules for clients.
  • Customizing extensions to enhance the primary functionalities of the basic package.
  • Development of Blocks.
  • Portal development services.
  • Maintenance of Websites.
  • Integrating the CMS with third party applications, such as SAP, phpBB, Sage and SugarCRM.
  • Incorporating and managing additional Content of websites for clients, through Drupal CMS customization.

The built-in feature and the easy-to-use installer are just one of the many instruments of this CMS, which can be extremely advantageous in tasks such as:

  • Building Blogs
  • Making Forums
  • Establishing peer to peer Networks
  • Podcasting
  • Enabling uploads and downloads
  • Creating Newsletters and Picture Galleries

Drupal could be the perfect software for developing your e-commerce website, provided it is used correctly. We, at Candid, have the right composition of skills, experience, passion and innovation for Drupal development.

Click here to request a free quote Drupal services or get in touch with one of our expert Sales Personnel at 1-800-717-3943.


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