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Offshore PHP Developer - Dedicated PHP Programmers

From Candid, you can hire PHP developers on a monthly contract basis. In accordance with your needs, you may switch on/off additional resources. Our developers have been working for clients from a number of countries, such as Australia, Austria, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, etc. Hire dedicated PHP programmer from our company and you will save time and money through the open source language platform.

The primary advantage of hiring an offshore Programmer from Candid is that he/she will be working solely on your project. As a result of our programmer's complete and dedicated involvement in your project, he/she will be more and more competent in your projects. Communication would be no problem at all since you can be in constant touch with your developer through instant messengers and e-mails. 'Our' developer will indeed be 'Your' developer and will be in complete contact with you all through the working hours.

Your developer will also be updating you daily through work update sheets that will have in depth information of the work progress during the day. This is in order to help you keep a track of the work. Most importantly, our PHP programming enables you to maximize your ROI through cost-effective application development.


Our PHP developers have a minimum of 3+ years experience. This hands-on experience with the language(osCommerce, PHP Nuke, Post Nuke), as well as with Perl, Mysql and other applications makes us one of the most sought-after PHP Development India Company. Candid's PHP developer India aim to provide efficient and interactive web applications.

The Operating Systems we work in:

Our developers can work in MS Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista, MS Windows 95/98/ME

Confidentiality Assurance:

Our/Your dedicated developers will be bound by the company's non-disclosure agreement. In accordance with the US copyright laws, he/she will forgo all rights to the intellectual property that he/she creates for you during that period of time.

Price per person:

  1. One time setup fees - $250
  2. Monthly fees per developer - $1499


  1. Work timings- 9.30 am to 18:00
  2. Holidays- Saturday, Sunday and Indian national holidays

With almost a decade's experience in web development in India, Candid has the advantages of highly talented personnel as developers and cost competitiveness. Our PHP development solutions are extensively customized to meet all your specific requirements, be it short term or long term. Provide your e-venture with the cutting edge it deserves with the help of our PHP programmers in India.

Click here to request a free quote or hire PHP programmer from Candid by calling 1-800-717-3943.


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