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Web Development Company in India

Candid has worked hard in expanding the concept of outsourcing beyond mere cost-savings. No point in denying that cost-saving is an essential factor behind outsourcing, but at Candid, we have worked hard to excel in reliability and quality in our offshore outsourcing services.

Worldwide, industries are recognizing the advantages of software outsourcing. This not only provides companies with cost-savings, but also enables shorter and faster time-to-market cycles.

We, at Candid provide our clients with a full range of services, such as beginning-to-end development of new software as well as providing website development solutions, re-engineering and enhancing applications, integration of applications and also maintenance and support. Our team has the requisite combination of talent, expertise and ambition, which make us the one the most sought-after firms in web development outsourcing. At Candid, we specifically emphasize on training and keeping our team active and up-to-date in terms of factors, such as latest technologies, industry standards and newest software development practices.

Some Aspects of Candid's services:

Whether you want to outsource web design and development, require web-application programming or developing and integrating complex web-based/stand-alone enterprise systems, we have the expertise in different technologies and business domains. The outsourced web application development services we undertake, confirm exactly to the client's requirements. Our competence in different technologies including PHP and .NET, makes us a reliable and trusted software outsourcing enterprise.

Skilled Team

Candid's team of over 75 employees have the requisite knowledge and skill to ensure your projects the treatment it deserves. We try to ensure that we recruit the best IT professionals who can understand and deliver on your needs.

Extreme Flexibility

Candid offers you engagement models that provide you with a great degree of flexibility. Our models and schemes enable you to increase/decrease team size as per your requirements. The idea is to provide you with the maximum ROI from your outsourced program.

Utmost Confidentially and Intellectual Property Protection

Candid realizes that the clients' confidential information needs to be kept just that and our policies and procedures ensure so. Once your project is over, you will retain all the source codes and the Intellectual Property rights on the developed software.

Cost Savings

Candid realizes that cost savings are a major factor for your outsourcing decisions. With Candid, you may save up to 60% on your projects as compared to the expenses you would incur without outsourced services. All this at standard levels of quality and reliability.

Constant Communication

Candid understands the importance of constant and effective communication for all the projects you outsource. Throughout development, our programmers and developers would be in constant touch with you through e-mail, instant messenger and phone. You would also get daily updates which will show the progress of your projects.

Providing you with a thorough Outsource Strategy

Candid understands that software outsourcing has its own set of specific rules and issues. It would be immaterial to us whether this is the first time you have outsourced your operations or you have had previous experience regarding the same. Candid would provide you with an effective and efficient outsource strategy. Our aim is not to be just a service provider, but a business partner for all our clients and enable growth and expansion of their services.

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