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PHP Development India

PHP has swept all over the Internet at an extremely rapid rate. Presently, it can be found on about 8,000,000 domains and its growth rate is about 15% every month. The most common server on the Internet, namely Apache Web Server, has the language available on more than 42% of its servers.

Candid & PHP web development solution

We, at Candid, have a versatile and talented team of PHP developers and programmers, who can cater to any of the clients' needs. As a PHP development company, Candid has been successfully providing Outsourcing services for over 10 years now. We use the latest, 5.2.6.version of PHP. Some of our highlights with regard to this scripting language are as follows :

  1. Our development team is thoroughly proficient in Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) & AJAX.
  2. We have been providing PHP Outsourcing services and other Open Source Application Services for over 10 years.
  3. Our PHP programmers work on the Linux Operating System using Open Source IDE. We make it a point to test the application on all browsers, from Firefox to Internet Explorer.
  4. We have provided services to a number of clients from different fields, such as Ecommerce, Real Estate, Store Management, Healthcare, Mobile, Logistics, Telecom, Mattresses, Consumer Electronics, Photography, Cosmetic and Banking.

Candid uses its ample experience in PHP web development India, to provide the following services :

  1. AJAX Programming
  2. Blogs Customization
  3. Cakephp Coding
  4. Content Management
  5. Portal Development
  6. Real Estate Website
  7. Sales CRM
  8. Shopping Carts
  9. Product Catalog
  10. Forum and Bulletin Boards
  11. Content Management System
  12. Events Calendar
  13. Membership websites
  14. Lead management system
  15. Directory and Classifieds
  16. Enterprise Systems
  17. Dynamic Image Manipulation
  18. Thumbnail Generation
  19. Product Comparison
  20. Price Comparison
  21. XML / RSS Feed
  22. File Management and Handling
  1. Activity Planning
  2. Banner Rotation
  3. Members area development
  4. Credit Card Processing
  5. Message Boards and Forums
  6. Online Chats
  7. Blogs
  8. Polls and Surveys
  9. Customer Management
  10. Order Tracking
  11. Tax / Shipping Calculations
  12. Restricted Access Areas
  13. Electronic Newsletters
  14. Mailing Systems
  15. Integrated Search
  16. Advertisement and Banner Management
  17. Message Boards and Forums
  18. Ratings and Reviews
  19. Back-end Administration Panels
  20. Visitor Tracking and Website Statistics
  21. Feedback Forms

Why Candid seconds PHP Development

The scripting language's unprecedented and unparalleled growth has been without any form of publicity. It provides a unique combination of low cost and high performance. A PHP solution from Candid can act as the perfect catalyst for the success of your website. Some extensive features of a PHP solution ARE:

  1. . The scripting language runs on Apache Web Server, which in turn runs on all operating desks, such as Windows, Linux, Solaris and other Unix platforms.
  2. It significantly brings down costs in all processes, such as execution, maintenance and debugging.
  3. The application is supplemented with various goodies and add-ons, such as extensible architecture, native support for popular databases and a multi-purpose processor that has the ability to use very few resources on the server as well as display pages in record time.

Candid's PHP Application Development Services can provide your online business venture with the leverage it deserves. Our repertoire of clients includes names from all over the world and we believe, our PHP web development solution could take your venture to the desired levels.

Click here to request a free quote or get in touch with an expert from our PHP Application development Company at 1-800-717-3943.