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Candid's Web Designing & Development Services

Candid offers professional website designing, development and maintenance services. We have a large pool of resources and possess the requisite business and technical expertise for web application development. Our website designers and developers have worked on projects ranging object-oriented brochure sites to multi-functional website portals. Some major aspects of our website designing and development process:

Effective Design

The look of the website is all important

Our developers use the best of designing tools in order to come up with appealing designs that can help your business to make its presence felt. In our designs, we take care of the follow criteria:

  • Effective and Appealing Style
  • Consistency in the overall layout of the Website
  • Unique and consistent corporate identity
  • Color compatibility in the website
User Friendly Design is all Important

Our designers and developers in India ensure that the website interfaces are simple and easy to understand and use for all the users. This, irrespective of the website's functional complexities. For this, we ensure the following:

  • An Interface that is user friendly and easy to understand
  • Simplified Navigational Schemes
  • Interactivity that is AJAX-powered
  • An objective-oriented workflow
  • High level of accessibility standards

A High Level of Functionality

Front-end Functionality

Our offshore web site development services are meant to ensure that your business requirements are fulfilled. With Candid's Web Designing & Development services, your website will be more than just a 'shop display'. Under our front end functionality, we will expand on the existing functionalities of your website or add absolutely new ones. All this to ensure that you get a high return on investment in your e-commerce venture.

Back-office Administration

Our development team can integrate different back-office management tools to your website as per your business requirement. All this to enable control over various site operations. This includes:

  • Creating and publishing non-technical content
  • Dynamic structure generation
  • Document management (includes images, PDFs, video and audio files, etc.)
  • User management, access rights and permissions
  • Business operations management (clients, catalogs, payments, orders, etc.)
Expert Back-End Programming

We have a high degree of expertise in creating dynamic and interactive websites, that feature a high degree of functionalities. Our offshore web site development services include the following:

  • Dynamic Page Generation.
  • Web application development.
  • Database designing and development (includes database performance optimization and tuning).
  • Distributed database development for websites that have a large amounts of data.
  • Data Encryption.
  • Advanced Search Mechanism Integration.
  • Built-in Security.
  • Real-time Payment Processing.
  • Audio/Video streaming.

Candid has been offering web development and design services for close to a decade now. Due to the growing competition among businesses to secure a dominant position on the Internet, it is imperative that you go in for professional web design & development companies. Candid's state-of-the-art Website Development and Design services will be just what you need to give your e-commerce venture the cutting edge it deserves.

Click here to request a free quote or get in touch with one of the experts from our offshore web development company at 1-800-717-3943.


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