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X-Cart Development India

X-Cart Customization & Design Integration Services

The presence of a large number of shopping carts tends to leave one confused. Some of the different questions pertaining to the mind are:

  • Is this e-commerce solution suitable for all my requirements?
  • Will it fit in my existing website?
  • Which e-commerce solution will provide my business a cutting-edge?

Candid's expertise in X-CART

Candid is amply armed to handle all your X-cart store requirements. Our X-Cart developers and designers have considerable experience in providing the X-CART solution. Some of the services we offer are:

X-Cart Design Integration:

Under this our programming team will not only integrate your shopping cart design within your website, but also ensure online testing and deployment.

Customization of the shopping cart:

Candid will ensure that you get X-Cart designs and themes that are custom-made as per your requirements. We also carry out modification of the X-Cart skin design to come up with a unique, stand -apart look for your website.

X-Cart Custom Template and theme development:

Candid offers a large variety of custom X-Cart templates and skin designs. However, we emphasize particularly on the client requirements and hence, while the templates do offer a wide range, it is your needs that are of primary importance in selecting X-cart designs.

Custom modules development for the shopping cart:

Development of modules can have a significant impact on the success of your e-commerce venture and we, at Candid, acknowledge this. Our developers are thoroughly proficient in developing modules for your online shopping cart to impart an individual identity within your e-commerce venture.

Website Maintenance:

Candid takes into account that urgent needs, such as patching or restoring your system after a crash, need to be addressed. Maintaining your shopping website will be one of our main aims.

Why does Candid commend X-CART?

X-CART is considered by many as the universal e-commerce shopping cart software. Based on your requirements,X-cart development can be the most optimal solution for all your e-commerce projects. Some of the extensive features of the shopping cart software are:

  1. The software is based on PHP Smarty templates. As a result, it is extremely flexible and easily adaptable. Data through this software is stored in MySQL database.
  2. No programming required and easy-to-use web interface.
  3. The software is a turnkey package that is extremely search engine friendly. It also has an integrated HTML catalog that can lead to dynamic content and static HTML.

At Candid, our aim is to confront and overcome each and every obstacle that comes our way. Our programming team ensures equal attention to all our clients. Candid has a reputation of always managing to exceed the client's expectations and we truly believe that we can do the same for your shopping cart solutions.

Click here to request a free quote or to know how we can help you with X-Cart customization services call 1-800-717-3943.


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